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You're about to discover our free, quick and efficient process to find and hire an advertising, public relations or marketing firm. For over eleven years, clients of all size and budget have done so, and so can you.

Here's how to proceed. We're much more than an on-line directory, so with regard to an agency search, if you've "been there; done that", then you'll understand why you briefly outline your needs in paragraph form. Your input later becomes part of the RFI (Request for Information) we send just to those agencies you want to invite.

Once finished with that first page, you define your specific needs by making choices from our menus. It's all confidential and just between us until you say go. Ready? Register

If you're new to agency search or a bit rusty, rest easy. You may want to telephone and talk first. Call +44 (0) 20 8516 2255. We can even "take the reins" and do much of the work based on what you tell us. Or spend a few minutes and read Getting Started or Search Tricks & Tips. When you're ready, Register.


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